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Remote Job

Lead Software Engineer

  • Full Time
  • From : Skilora
  • Posted : 4 weeks ago

TELECOMMUTE                                Location: Remote, India

Develop and implement solutions, based on a set of standards, patterns and processes which establish consistency across the enterprise data, reduce risk, and promote efficiencies in support of the organizations goals and objectives.

Developing full stack AWS Cloud solutions and continuous delivery frameworks that improve the ability of the CB IT delivery teams to efficiently deliver solutions with quality.

Write complex code, building infrastructure as code, work with immutable cloud based environments, and build the supporting automated toolsets to test and deploy the systems they develop.

Responsible for the quality of their work; will develop and implement a set of quality criteria and the associated validation method to ensure that any deliverable meets the expected quality levels of our customers, use quality management to ensure quality levels are maintained, seek new approaches and techniques to improve quality levels, employ reviews and observations to maintain the quality and continuous improvement process, and analyze the impact of quality control and quality assurance on project performance.

Actively review their own and the teams work processes and implements improvements seen from other teams or in industry to drive continuous improvement of the teams efficiency, speed, and quality

The candidate will also take responsibility for creating design specifications, unit testing, and preparing technical documentation.

Responsibilities and Duties

Strong problem solving and analytic skill Ability to handle multiple projects and assignments simultaneously and effectively in a cross-functional team environment

Ability to work independently and in Agile teams. Scrum Team Member attitude willingness to support the Team to be successful in any area necessary

5-7 years of experience in software systems, programming, database development, and infrastructure development and administration

Minimum 5 years demonstrated experience with full stack development.

3+ years demonstrated experience with AWS cloud supported programming languages like JavaScript, Node JS, React JS.

2+ years hands-on with AWS Lambda, SNS/SQS, S3, IAM, CloudWatch, EC2, RDS and DynamoDB, AWS CLI

2+ years hands-on building infrastructure as code using AWS CDK (Cloud Development Kit) and CloudFormation

Ability to use or learn: KMS, ALB/ELB, Route 53, VPC

Fluency with CI/CD toolsets such as: Jenkins, Ansible, CloudFormation, BitBucket

Working knowledge of AWS Serverless architecture

Working knowledge of distributed architectural design patterns

Strong and evolving competence in several programming languages and technologies, working knowledge of multiple tools sets, technologies and implementation environments


More about you

Expertise in the knowledge of programming languages, relational databases, and NoSQL databases

Familiarity with monitoring tool suites like DataDog, SumoLogic, NewRelic, and Nagios

Experience with Chef, Puppet, Salt, or Ansible in production environments

Strong practical Linux based systems administration skills and scripting experience in a Cloud based environment

Experience with automated testing tools (i.e. selenium, Cucumber) are a plus

Experience with Agile Scrum practice a plus

  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • BitBucket
  • Amazon S3
  • Jenkins
  • React.js
  • Linux
  • NoSQL databases
  • Full Stack development
  • Lambda
  • Nagios
  • AWS
  • CI/CD
  • Ansible
  • Datadog
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • AWS CloudFormation
  • Chef
  • Puppet
  • Sumo Logic
  • New Relic
  • Amazon SQS
  • CloudWatch
  • Agile scrum
  • Angular CLI
  • Lead Management